Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DonNACEA) was founded January 1, 1972.

More than 60 years DonNACEA has been training students for future practical works in construction and architecture, first as a department (founded in 1947), and since 1972 as an independent institution in higher education.

In Donetsk and Lugansk regions DonNACEA is the only professional educational institution in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, urban construction and planning, economics and management for construction, designing of roads and aerodromes.

The Academy has prepared close to 40,000 engineers and architects, 500 foreign students among them.

Since 1999 the Academy’s construction directions "Industrial and civil engineering", "Automobile roads and aerodromes", "City Construction and City Economy", "Architecture" were accredited by the International Institute of Civil Engineers ICE (UK) with the adopted training on Bachelor and Master Degrees. The Academy is the only university in Ukraine, which passed the procedure of professional international accreditation.

In the frames of TEMPUS ERASMUS+ program and RETHINK project, DonNACEA since 2016 have been training students for obtaining Double Master Degree in Civil Engineering – Building Construction / Master in Civil Engineering between the DonNACEA and Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal). Also Double Degrees are preparing on the fields of Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism with another Portugal and Spain Universities.

Now we are preparing students – Bachelor and MSc levels for directions (specialties):

  • Construction (Civil Engineering; City Construction and City Economy; Technology of constructional materials and products; Automobile roads and aerodromes constructions; Heat, gas supply and ventilation; Water Supply and Sewerage)
  • Architecture and Urbanism (Architecture; Urbanism)
  • Management;
  • Economics of Enterprises;
  • Environmental Engineering;
  • Branch Mechanics (Design of lifting, transporting, building and road machines; Operation of lifting, transporting, building and road machines)
  • Surveying and land planning
  • Automobiles and automobiles economy

The preparation for Bachelor’s level is carried out for 8 semesters and for MSc level (on the basis of Bachelor degree) is carried out 3 semesters (educational level) or 4 semesters (researcher level). All education is under individual contract conditions.